MonthMay 2010

Kitegen, primo cantiere up

La prima macchina del kitegen sta venendo costruita a Berzano. L’aquilone volerà per la fine di giugno?


Dipanare la nebbia

Riccardo Spezia, ha scritto un bell’articolo sulla ricerca scientifica sul blog dei Mille, dipanando la classica confusione che esiste in questo campo e spiegando un pò come funziona.

Jobs @CompNeur

There are two open positions for PostDocs in the Computational Neurobiology (Nicolas Le Novère group) @EBI right now.

Check them out if you are interested.

You’ve got to know

La realtà italiana per la ricerca.


Capisci perchè la gente parte e non torna?

Lucid Lynx is pretty slick

I’ve just upgraded to Lucid Lynx. Pretty slick!

The upgrade worked out quite well and I was really surprised. My system usually runs a lot of beta/alpha softwares. One way to avoid any problem is to do a clean install. If you have all your data in your home and you have partitioned in a convenient way you can do it in a light heart way.

Unless you had to install tons of scientific softwares in /usr/local for some kind of reason.

It took me one day to get everything up to date, from to add the new slick indicator applet  to the panel, to check out the new stuff. (I gave a go to GNOME shell, but didn’t really get into it too much yet!)

gnome shell

If you just installed Lynx and don’t know what to do, check out this post.

How to set up a good partition scheme in Linux

It’s always a good idea to have at least two partitions, one for your O.S. and one for your data. There are a lot of programs which you can use to part your harddrive  (e.g.: [ gparted | qparted ]).

I’m pretty happy with my current schema, which I developed long time ago, when my harddrive was only 40 Gb. I wrote about this in this old post, which I’m translating from Italian to English.

This is a schema for an old laptop of 40 Gb, but you can extend the concept.

Harddisk: 40 Gb

/ 10 Gb (root, where you will install the operative system)

swap 1Gb (should be the same amount of RAM you’ve got if you want to suspend)

/home 29 Gb

The main idea is to create a 10Gb for your O.S., the swap for the RAM and then everything left should go as space for the home.

This is pretty good way to part your disk because:

  1. Your data are detached from the O.S., so you can clean your partition very quickly and put a shiny new one in no time.
  2. 10 Gb is maybe too many for the O.S., but I tend to install a huge amount of stuff and sometimes when writing big file you need space in tmp.

So far it works for me.

With my new (3 years old…) laptop I have this figures:


18.4 Gb for the root (/)

4 Gb for the swap

87.7 Gb for the /home

Kitegen, sito di Bra

A Bra la (il?) kitegen sta per aprire il secondo cantiere. E’ molto probabile che il primo sito operativo dovrebbe essere a Bra, visto che l’altro sito è momentaneamente fermo. (Sembra)

Notizia letta sul quotidiano locale di Bra, nessun link online.

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