Month: September 2010

Empowering people

On ted there is this very good talk about empowering people, connecting them and try to boost innovation to make the world better.

[ted id=955]

It is a very inspiring talk, which actually points you in the right way. Times are gonna be complicated and we need to sparkle innovations to improve the world and make it better. Is not a job that can be undertaken just by a bunch of guys but actually we need a distributed approach where everyone can find his/her niche and share back to the world, on a two ways system.

I have to say that when you look out of the window, sometimes you think that the crowd is too stupid and that there will be no possibility to improve.

However I believe this is not true, and this is just a sampling problem. You need a bigger sample, and then there will be the right answer for any questions, or at least a possibility to share a path together towards better conditions.

Empowering people, all of them and make them choose. A new blend of democracy?

Cambiamento di tono

Mentre Bossi fa un’altra delle sue uscite (per fortuna il PD ha presentato una mozione di sfiducia. Una botta di reattivit), mentre Berlusconi fa campagna acquisti tra i senatori per ottenere la maggioranza sulla fiducia (che sfiora la corruzione, parole di Bersani) in UK stato eletto il nuovo segretario del Labour, Ed Milliband.

Su Iplayer c’ uno spezzone del suo discorso, dove parla di come una nuova generazione deve imbracciare la politica e cambiarla. Parla anche dei soprannomi che gli hanno affibiato durante l’elezione, ed in 12 secondi distrugge questi mezzucci a quelli che sono, chiudendo il pezzo con l’enfasi sul futuro e sull’esigenza di un dibattito da persone cresciute.

Il pezzo il seguente:

Our generation must find a new way of conducting politics.

And that brings me to some of the names I’ve been called in this election:
Wallace, from Wallace and Gromit. I’ve got some people can see the resemblance..

Forrest Gump, not so much I think.

And what about Red Ed. Come off there!

Let’s start to have a grown up debate in this country about who we are, what we believe and what kind of country we want to build.

Ecco io vorrei far notarare l’abisso che separa la politica italiana da quella inglese. En passant, Ed Milliband (40 anni) Cameron (prime minister corrente 43 anni)
La classe dirigente italiana deve essere ricambiata. Stiamo ancora ancorati al secondo millenio ed il terzo iniziato da 10 anni..

Diaspora in the wild

Today Diaspora is releasing its code. In short diaspora is a social network which takes the privacy of the users really seriously, given the possibility to control the information, the hosting and the way is delivered.

On top of that, contents created with Diapsora remains with the user and it’s not property of Diaspora.

The software is in still alpha mode, however I really like the idea and the vision of the developers.

As already noted several time, digital personal identity is something which should be taken more seriously and people should be more aware what that means, how to use it and what they can do with that.

This is a moving target field, where things change rather quickly, so the dust is not yet set to understand what are the big innovations taking place.

I hope diaspora will make it big, and I hope it would be one of the gateway to make the net-citizen aware that their digital personal identity is important and should be protected.