So I’ve got this new computer with Windows 10 because Baldurs Gate 3 is coming out, and I did not have a tower for quite long time. The windows has been installed by the people where I’ve got it, and there is a second partition where I will install ubuntu. Unfortunately on the first go it did not work due to the NVIDIA card inside, (just a GTX 1060, not the new 30 series that everyone is going crazy about it), but the net has already a solution for it, which I will give it a try ASAP I’ve got time.

At the same time I’ve used it to play Heroes of the Storm and I’ve also tried my first stream on at . I stream HOTS in Italian, and it just a quick foray into that world because I’m a curious person.

I’ve used OBS to stream, and it seems everything was working quite well.

Back to the Ubuntu install, given the first try did not really work, I wanted to take a more cautious approach and save the windows key before I had to reinstall everything again, for safe-keeping.

To my surprise new rigs do not came with a sticker which says which is the windows key associated, but it’s written in the UEFI BIOS directly. When I’ve asked the support of the company where to get it, they told me this was attached only to that mother board, and if I was going to change the motherboard I had to get a new one.

While this makes no sense to me at all, given that I bought a personal license for windows, I was not very clear why I should not know the key of the license I bought.

Quick googling (via ecosia) and I found out this video on youtube which provides the solution in no time:

Open A PowerShell and type  (Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').OA3xOriginalProductKey

Once I’ve got it, I’ve saved it on my clipperz.

HIH out there.

Have fun.