Month: April 2012

Integrating the different leads


Spring knocking!

To try to put all the stuff that I have on the net in a consistent way, so to give the people one address where to go to look up my stuff, I’ve decided to get a new personal domain,  I’ve moved this blog to a new address On top of that, I’ve changed the name of the blog to Trains of Thoughts. After 6 years of activity, I guess it was time.

For the technical side, if you are interested, the blog is still hosted on and you can get them to map the old address to any domain or subdomain for 13$/year. I’ve considered the idea to move all the blog and go for a self-hosted strategy, but I’ve decided it was too time-consuming, so I took this solution.

To register my domains and dealing with the DNS, I’m using (my referral) for the domain I own. It’s a nice DNS provider, which simplify a lot of the DNS woodo action that you need to take when setting up new stuff.

The landing page is hosted using github pages, which is very neat way to keep the site under git and update it with just a push. I plan to use bootstrap to handle the graphic and to add some content to the page.

For the time being, this is the old version (current version):

old version of

First version of

What to expect from Ideatransform


With Ideatransform kicking in in less than 5 hours, I want to write down what I expect from the meeting

  • I expect a lot of fun. Enjoying the WE is one of my goal
  • I expect to meet a lot of interesting people, among developers, designers, doers and mentors
  • I also would like to pitch the SustainableSouk idea, build a team and create a first MVC, in the classic LeanStartup way.

Although looking for a Co-founder is always a tricky business, and going solo is a possibility, I would like to build this project in a super open and easy way.

The excitement is high, let’s see how it rolls!