As usual WordPress offers the annual report with a bunch of stats and some copy written by mokeys (I actually believe it is the same stuff over and over, with the consequent possibility that the monkeys are no more that busy writing this stuff.

Anyway, given the time of the year, let me seize the opportunity to write few things about this year.

I was extremely busy, and I’ve managed to post only once. However the post was about Coinduit, and the genesis of it, which you could read here, if so you wish. It’s cool stuff, and it’s about bitcoins. Have a stroll if you feel inclined.

When I’ve started this blog, the main objective was to write useful posts so I could find them later. It turned out that some of them have been also useful for the incidental reader. As the matter of fact the top 5 posts are about getting something which is very niche right, it is nice to see that has been achieved. From how to sort out Pull Request, to getting the figures position right with LaTeX. Although there were some old posts like statistical distributions with ipython  and profile a python application, that could be a very quick read.

I’ll see if in 2015 will post more. I’ll guess we will discover it in a year.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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