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Kitegen comes back to fly


I’m very happy to read (link in Italian) that Kitegen has started the automatic testing for take off and landing at Sommariva site.

I just report the main points written in the post which I think they are interesting, without going into a full english translation:

  • first of all, they have managed to perform a take off with only 1.5 m/s wind speed at the ground, which is remarkable given the fact this wind speed is very small. Considering that the wind speed in Europe is around 3 m/s this is a great achievement.
  • the next step they are planning is to test how long the kite can fly without interruption, to achieve 5000 hours of continuous flight 5000 hours per year. H/T Stefano

All in all, it seems the control software is getting ready for the field, and I can’t wait to see the development during spring and summer!

Goodies: Link to the video!