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Bioinformatics… getting the (people) data

So it seems that Bioinformatic Zen has launched another interesting idea:

Why we don’t get the data about all the bioinformaticians around ad see what they are doing, to have at least a snapshot of what’s going on in the bioinformatics field?

So, to do that, a survey has been developed. The data gathering has started the 1st of July and it will be on up to the 1st of August. The data will be analyzed by all the people that want to do it and the result are going to be made available on the (proposed date) 1st of September.

For your convenience also YANNB will post the result.
Fill it if you have 5 mins :).

Another blog about bioinformatics

So, some of my friends has set up another blog on Bioinformatics.
The address is phdblog
and the subtitle it’s just true.

70% of what we do doesn’t work

I would just increase the percentual, but hey, we should trust us and hope for the best.

It’s just a new born blog, few articles right now, but it’s growing well.
Keep on eye on it, you wouldn’t regret.