This is a tiny blog that use several languages and has a kind of stable number of readers that I would like to thank.

So everytime there is a massive increase of the number of visits it’s always cool to try to find the reason.

This time this is what happened:


From 30ish average readers on daily base to a peak of 496!

I was wondering why that happened when I figure it out:


Yes, YANNB was the first hit on this google search .

It matters to be first on google, also if it is only for one really particular problem. And I’ve received one of the most rewarding comment till now. 🙂

It seems everytime I share a solution there is a lot of interest on that bit and it’s useful for some of the people out there like this one , in how to layout the partition on your harddrive (link in italian… if there is interest I can translate and post it again.)

However this post has been read not in one burst but during a long period (and ok, it’s also quite old so this can be biased).

This time was the second time there was a burst.

The first time happened when pollycoke linked me and all that traffic had clicked the link.