Python 3.0 is out. Has been released yesterday and the first productionástable release is ready to be grabbed. This release breaks the compabilities with the 2.x series. Nothing will work anymore ­čÖé

Things that I would like to to underline:

  • The print statment becomes a function (so you need the brackets) print "Hello World" becomes print("Hello Wolrd")
  • dict.keys() or dict.values() give a view that is a “lazy” list read-only. It’s an iterator and you cannot pop stuff out of it. If you need a proper list you have to force it with list(dict.values())

So take a look on the documentation to have a proper idea of what’s going on, read this small paper to know why there was the need to do this change and before start screaming around check this blog post too that give a clear answer to the question: “What to do about the python 3.0?”

Have fun with the new python….
I mean HH ­čÖé