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Permaculture links

It’s been awhile that I’m looking at Permaculture design and all the things connected with it.

Quickly two very valuable links about Permaculture:

Especially the latest link has a clear scheme of the garden.

It’s awesome

scheme from deepgreen

Scheme for the backyard permaculture food forset from deepgreen

Rendering of the food forest

Rendering of the food forest garden from deepgreen

On the other side I’m getting my hands dirty building a system to make local food easier to find/trade/swap with a bunch of friends. We are using django as web development framework and have some serious intention about it.

If you are a django ninja and want to be involved (or just want to be involved) just send me an e-mail to mattions. Attach the gmail.com after it. Please use a sensible subject, so I know why you are writing to me (or link to this post.)


Questioning habits

Today I was at one supermarket and doing some shopping. I stumble upon bananas and I read the label saying “Columbia”. I started to ask myself if we really need this. I mean, Columbia is on the other side of the world. You need to cross a whole ocean to move this bananas here, polluting the enviroment like crazy.

I moved to the next rack of bananas and I found another label saying “Repubblica Domenicana”. Do we need really need bananas?

Yesterday there was the Mill Road Winter Fair and I saw a lot of local farmers selling their own products. It was a completely different world from what you can find from the mainstream market. No more than 30 Km radius from where it was produced, then directly sold to the consumer.

For a lot of reasons we are going towards an age of restriction, where bananas from Columbia will not anymore be allowed and available. This hidden local universe will resurface for everybody. I think it’s a good thing, but I can understand that there is a scale problem.

Will the local producers be able to produce enough food for all the people? I guess their numbers will increase and people will move from the city to the countryside to farm again.

There is going to be a cycle. One of the most favourite figure for History.