Branching illustration

Branching it’s good:

With the new release of Neuronvisio (0.8.3) we have improved the documentation, gave the software a new home ( and created a new fork under the NeuralEnsemble orgs.

I think for Python and Neuroscience it would be good to have a website similar to, to give visibility to the different projects and avoid to re-invent the wheel, however for now using the same space in NeuroEnsemble orgs it’s a good start. I didn’t want to move or transfer my repository there directly,  but I wanted to have a mirror of my repo in that space, without having to manually update it. I’ve looked how to open a mirror fork on github, but to no avail. So I came up with a possible solution, using the ability of git to push to different repositories.

My solution was to create a new remote point, called all in the local git config (.git/config in your repo) with the following format:

[remote "all"]
url =
url =

This way I can push to both the repos with a single command

git push all

Both the repos will be updated in one go. Neat.