I’ve just discovered the ICECoaltion,

A Coalition dedicated to creating the International Court for the Environment.

ICE Coalition gathers environmental, legal, business, academic and NGO representatives who believe the need to establish the rule of law and a new, workable global institution in the environmental field is urgent. Support is also sought from the general public, funding institutions and politicians. Public and private meetings throughout the world are to be convened by ICE Coalition, to inform the UN, governments and media worldwide.

and I think it’s a great idea.

We have one planet, and people should feel responsible for it, and it is possible only if a sense of ownership is instilled. On the other hand, accountability is a good start to make people understand that any action has consequences and therefore a clear judgement should be made.

The environment is a global issue, therefore we need a global coalition, and a global law, able to address the problem at super international scale.

Let’s see how it evolves, but at the moment I’m in complete agreement with the proposed solution.

via paul.