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Empowering people

On ted there is this very good talk about empowering people, connecting them and try to boost innovation to make the world better.

[ted id=955]

It is a very inspiring talk, which actually points you in the right way. Times are gonna be complicated and we need to sparkle innovations to improve the world and make it better. Is not a job that can be undertaken just by a bunch of guys but actually we need a distributed approach where everyone can find his/her niche and share back to the world, on a two ways system.

I have to say that when you look out of the window, sometimes you think that the crowd is too stupid and that there will be no possibility to improve.

However I believe this is not true, and this is just a sampling problem. You need a bigger sample, and then there will be the right answer for any questions, or at least a possibility to share a path together towards better conditions.

Empowering people, all of them and make them choose. A new blend of democracy?