I’ll partecipate to this initiative : to read, to read, to read

For the non italian speaking community I’ll try to sum it up:

The majority of the people do not read. They don’t read books. Reading books is a way to grew, to know new things, and even though it’s not the ultimate solution, it’s something which can’t hurt. It’s not demonstrated but if people will read more there should be less crap around. Or at least is what we want to believe.

Most of the commuters share the same space, but even if they are only few cm of space dividing them, they will not talk to each other. Never. Only if something hilarious or really funny will happen able to “break the ice”.

The proposed initiative consists in one action: give a book as a gift to a complete stranger. You can either buy the book (or took one of your old one). You can write a personal message inside or not. There is an official facebook group here.

This will happen the 26th of March. I’ll do it. It looks fun.

Official video (in italian only. Sorry)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7hetpEIC8M]