Today I was at one supermarket and doing some shopping. I stumble upon bananas and I read the label saying “Columbia”. I started to ask myself if we really need this. I mean, Columbia is on the other side of the world. You need to cross a whole ocean to move this bananas here, polluting the enviroment like crazy.

I moved to the next rack of bananas and I found another label saying “Repubblica Domenicana”. Do we need really need bananas?

Yesterday there was the Mill Road Winter Fair and I saw a lot of local farmers selling their own products. It was a completely different world from what you can find from the mainstream market. No more than 30 Km radius from where it was produced, then directly sold to the consumer.

For a lot of reasons we are going towards an age of restriction, where bananas from Columbia will not anymore be allowed and available. This hidden local universe will resurface for everybody. I think it’s a good thing, but I can understand that there is a scale problem.

Will the local producers be able to produce enough food for all the people? I guess their numbers will increase and people will move from the city to the countryside to farm again.

There is going to be a cycle. One of the most favourite figure for History.