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Making playlist with Android

Droid Music

If you would like to make a playlist based on the content on the folder on your droid, just open a terminal, go to the folder where the music is and run

$ls | sort | grep mp3 > "$(basename "$(pwd)")".m3u

and magically you have the playlist..
which looks like this:

04 - Pennywise - Fuck authority.ofn.mp3
07 - A Perfect Government.mp3
07 - Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution.mp3
13 - Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons .mp3
Nirvana - 03 - Come As You Are.mp3
Oasis - Live Forever.mp3
Offspring - Smash - 05 - Genocide.mp3
System Of A Down - Aeralis.mp3
System Of A Down - Spiders.mp3
03 Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N Roll.wma

the last one is a wma, and if you don’t have time/will to convert it to mp3 can be added with:

$ls | sort | grep wma >> "$(basename "$(pwd)")".m3u

Tip found here

TuxGuitar rock!

Long time ago, when I was still a user of windows (yeah… the original sin …) I was really happy with a music program powertab.
Now a lot of things has changed, first of all I don’t use windows anymore (my last win sys was win 2000 NT …) but I use Linux (ehm.. GNU/Linux), in Ubuntu flavor with GNOME as my main Desktop Enviroment.

Guess what… Powertab editor is a windows only program.

Today one of my friend sent me a two ptb (Powertab original format) files and I was already wondering how to retrieve the program and if it will work emulated with wine..

Then I thought it was impossible nobody has written a cool tab editor for linux. And Indeed I was right!

tuxguitar smoke on the water

tuxguitar smoke on the water

TuxGuitar is able to import the .ptb files, it has a midi player and it’s pretty amazing!

So, if you enjoy music and need a professional tab editor with a lot of features, give it a shoot!

Keep on rockin…

P.S.: Rock midi file are horrible to listen 🙂

Myspace is really crap.

I finally managed to set up the page for the band.

Random Simmetry live
It was really a pain and I’ve got an enormous number of errors when I was uploading images or songs.

I think it’s one of the most user unfriendly web site that I have ever had the chance to use and interact.

Anyway now you can enjoy the random simmetry songs directly from myspace. And even download them. Have fun.

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