BibServer and BibSoup: sharing distributed bibliographies

My bibliography visualized on bibsoup

My bibliography visualized on bibsoup

The openbiblio group from OpenKnowledge Foundation has came up with a nifty idea: sharing all the bibliographies, without trying to make the golden bibliography, but actually making easy to share everybody bibliography in a easy way.

The current implementation is at bibserver, while you can upload your own biblio using bibsoup.

I’ve uploaded also mine, which opens the post with a bubble chart visualization, and you can browse also here: http://bibsoup.net/mattions/computational_neuroscience

Show them the data

Share of Renewable Energy

Share of Renewable Energy

The openknowledge foundation have created another great app to visualize the consumption of CO2, the amount Energy produced with renewable and so on pulling out most of the data from EuroStat.

Give it a go: http://energy.publicdata.eu/

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