Given to the advance of peak oil, changing to a more sustainable living is becoming a must from a maybe. In this view, the transition movement is doing pretty well, and here in Cambridge the Transition Cambridge movement is also gaining traction. A lot of actions, completely grassroot, are under taking place and getting recognised. Check out for example the last post about growing spaces.

A very braveinitiativeis been carried on by 6 people of the Cambridge Carbon Footprint, where they decided to try to eat local. I think it’s very good idea and they are blogging about it here.

Here an image of the last Friday supper


On the same note, an initiative to make local food easier to spot is undergoing and I’m personally working on it. It’s called, and you can stay tuned it either subscribing to the form, or just keeping in touch to be sure to know when we are going to give it a kick 🙂