Permaculture links

It’s been awhile that I’m looking at Permaculture design and all the things connected with it.

Quickly two very valuable links about Permaculture:

Especially the latest link has a clear scheme of the garden.

It’s awesome

scheme from deepgreen

Scheme for the backyard permaculture food forset from deepgreen

Rendering of the food forest

Rendering of the food forest garden from deepgreen

On the other side I’m getting my hands dirty building a system to make local food easier to find/trade/swap with a bunch of friends. We are using django as web development framework and have some serious intention about it.

If you are a django ninja and want to be involved (or just want to be involved) just send me an e-mail to mattions. Attach the gmail.com after it. Please use a sensible subject, so I know why you are writing to me (or link to this post.)


Rethinking agriculture

Permaculture seems to be the way to go to reset the way mankind grows food.

This is a good reading which tries to make the point why this is necessary.

If you wondering what is all about, I suggest you to go through this BBC doc.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xShCEKL-mQ8]

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