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To celebrate the 20 years of the Pearl Jam career, a documentary is being produced, together with a book.

I’ve got (two copies) of “Immagine in Cornice”, a documentary produced when the band made a tour in Italy (and I went to one of the concert!) It is awesome.

Immortality version from there

Therefore I can’t wait for this one!

This is the trailer!

Pearl Jam rocks!

They are back

New album from Pearl Jam: The Backspacer 20th September

This is the making of:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3m4gvJDrlo]

The single is The Fixer: really cool stuff
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj-sFIHQWLY]

More over there is going to be a new Album from Alice in Chains late in September as well.

Autumn will rock!

Myspace is really crap.

I finally managed to set up the page for the band.

Random Simmetry live
It was really a pain and I’ve got an enormous number of errors when I was uploading images or songs.

I think it’s one of the most user unfriendly web site that I have ever had the chance to use and interact.

Anyway now you can enjoy the random simmetry songs directly from myspace. And even download them. Have fun.

Darwin e’ rock

Fantastico questo post su Divulgazione Scientifica riguardo al rock ed a Darwin..

Just a snippet

1. Happy Darwin Day!
L’evoluzione ha ispirato un bel pò di belle canzoni rock. D’altra parte, la lotta per la sopravvivenza e l’ineluttabile indifferenza della Natura non sono scritte nel DNA del vero rocker?

E allora, tanto per cominciare, ci sono gli arrabbiatissimi Pearl Jam, che urlano il lato oscuro dell’evoluzione in questo brano di dieci anni fa esatti, da quell’album-perla che fu Yield.
I’m ahead, Im a man
Im the first mammal to wear pants
I’m at peace with my lust
I can kill cause in God I trust, yeah/
Its evolution, baby!
Da sparare a tutto volume nelle cuffie di Ratzi, mentre medita su come fare a diventare preside della Sapienza.

Fantastica canzone. I testi dei Pearl Jam (e non solo) andrebbero sempre esaminati con molta cura. 🙂
Per chi vuole tutto il testo è disponibile quí.

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