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Endangered species Symposium

At the EBI there is an annual symposium which is organized by the Science and Society committee which I’ve been involved in the past years (some video are available on the youtube channel), but not this one. But no fear!

New people get on with the job and pull out a really nice symposium.

If you in Cambridge, you've got to come

This year the committee has chosen the topic of Biodiversity andEndangered Species, the 6th of May at Fitwilliam College Auditorium, Cambridge, Uk.

It’s free for all, so if you’re around don’t forget to come over 🙂

Yeah, there is even a Facebook event, if you are into that thing 🙂

The Mortal Immortal live streamed!!

If you are around Cambridge this friday and you are interested in science and society I would like to let you know that there is going to be a conference called:

The Mortal Immortal – Scientific and Social Aspects of Ageing

The good news is if you can’t make it you can see the event in live stream on ustream.tv on this link:

At the final panel we are going to take questions also from the net, so don’t forget to join the chat and throw your question 🙂