atlantis take off

The shuttle Atlantis is in the space. Today for the first and last time, I just followed the launch in streaming from the NASA tv. Before I saw only movies with the shuttles, like the sci-fi Armageddon.

But today I was able to follow the whole launch, just streamed directly from the NASAHDTV channel.
I’ve followed the lift-off’s procedures and I saw it live. It was emotional.

Thinking that after 1 min and 40 seconds the Atlantis was already up in space. It was possible to see our planet just down below. These guys were up in space. And yes I know there is the ISS floating up there (BTW it’s exactly where the shuttle is going) with people inside all the time, but seeing the stream and thinking that in so small amount of time the shuttle was flying so high it’s something big.

Now the shuttle program will be shut down and NASA is looking for something new. Let’s see what they come up with, if funding holds. ESA and other players are still up and running, and also the NASA has some plans for the future.

For the time being, Soyuz spacecraft will be used to continue servicing the ISS.

The shuttle will be up there for another 10-12 days, will dock to the ISS and then come back home. Best of luck!

Anyway, I’m kind of sad. The shuttle was cool.

Last lift off, Enjoy the last ride.