On this page on the GNOME website I found how to use git properly if you are using it as a gateway to a svn:

  1. git svn clone _svn_server_location #Clone the repository
  2. git svn fetch #Download the stuff
  3. git svn rebase #Merge the updates with the current
  4. git checkout -b myfeature #Create a local branch
  5. hack hack hack # hack
  6. git commit -am "changed stuff" # Commit
  7. hack hack hack # hack
  8. git commit -am "changed other stuff" # Commit
  9. git checkout master # Change to master branch
  10. git merge --squash myfeauture #Merge myfeature to master
  11. git commit -am "merge the feature to the master"
  12. git svn dcommit # Commit everything on the svn server

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