Google has made a deal to buy energy at fixed price from a massive wind farm for 20 years.

This is one of the several action which the company is taking to make its own plan, called RE<C, happening. The goal of this plan is to make Renewable Energy cheaper than Coal. According to them, to reach this, they are moving in three different area:

effective policy, innovative technology and smart capital

They are backing up innovative technology, financing really interesting and promising startup which area trying to exploit non conventional energy, like this one for Enhanced Geotermical Power.

They also invested a gazillions (roughly) of money in the Makani start-up, which is developing system to gather energy from tropospheric wind. The company seems to be developing a prototype able to produce 10 KW from high altitude wind.

Tropospheric wind is the same energy source which kitegen KGR is trying to exploit, which, however, is in a more advanced state, given the fact there are building two industrial installations right now in Nothern West of Italy, able to deliver 3 MW (which is 3000 KW). And that is only the beginning and bigger project of massive scale are already planned.

Maybe google should give a second look and throw some money also on the kitegen project?