Apples in the sun

Directly from the Cambridge News, Growing Spaces, a Transition Cambridge Project, gets funding from the council:

Cllr Sian Reid, the authority’s leader, said: “It is very encouraging to see how many enthusiastic and dedicated groups we have working to protect and enhance our local environment for the benefit of us all.

“I am so pleased the council is able to provide this extra support to projects that echo our commitment to climate change reduction and sustainable living.”

The project to grow food on disused pieces of land received £3,000 and is being organised by the Transition Cambridge group, which has already planted fruit bushes and herbs at five places in the city, including Norfolk Street, Chesterton Road and Hawkins Road.

Organiser Stephanie Ferguson, 27, said the combined food production capacity of all the wasted bits of land in the city was massive.

She said: “We’re trying to rejuvenate pieces of land which have fallen into disrepair while at the same time starting a new source of local food.”

Very well done to Stephanie! She helped out at our Transition Food Group Stall at Mill Road Winter Fair.

Thanks to Ivan to have picked it up and signalled in the Transition Food group MailingList.