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There is a new blog, where the latest info about the Wind Operation Worldwide will be tracked, together with the news about the KiteGen projects. Don’t miss it!

BTW, there is quick introduction post about the KiteGen technology here and here about the latest news.

Back in time – Easy Backup solution for linux

Making the backup is always a tricky business for me.

I always tend to postpone the moment, and that’s not a very smart procedure to keep your data safe. Thankfully, from when I discovered backintime the situation is quite different.

Back in Time Screenshot

Back in time is just a really nice and friendly graphical interface on top of rsync. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about rsync in any way. The interface has really neat default options, like get rid of your old backup if you are short in space.

After you’ve installed you just have to pick the directory where you want to save your backup and clcik “Take Snapshot”. Then you’re done. Quick and easy.

Lucid Lynx is pretty slick

I’ve just upgraded to Lucid Lynx. Pretty slick!

The upgrade worked out quite well and I was really surprised. My system usually runs a lot of beta/alpha softwares. One way to avoid any problem is to do a clean install. If you have all your data in your home and you have partitioned in a convenient way you can do it in a light heart way.

Unless you had to install tons of scientific softwares in /usr/local for some kind of reason.

It took me one day to get everything up to date, from to add the new slick indicator applet  to the panel, to check out the new stuff. (I gave a go to GNOME shell, but didn’t really get into it too much yet!)

gnome shell

If you just installed Lynx and don’t know what to do, check out this post.

How to set up a good partition scheme in Linux

It’s always a good idea to have at least two partitions, one for your O.S. and one for your data. There are a lot of programs which you can use to part your harddrive  (e.g.: [ gparted | qparted ]).

I’m pretty happy with my current schema, which I developed long time ago, when my harddrive was only 40 Gb. I wrote about this in this old post, which I’m translating from Italian to English.

This is a schema for an old laptop of 40 Gb, but you can extend the concept.

Harddisk: 40 Gb

/ 10 Gb (root, where you will install the operative system)

swap 1Gb (should be the same amount of RAM you’ve got if you want to suspend)

/home 29 Gb

The main idea is to create a 10Gb for your O.S., the swap for the RAM and then everything left should go as space for the home.

This is pretty good way to part your disk because:

  1. Your data are detached from the O.S., so you can clean your partition very quickly and put a shiny new one in no time.
  2. 10 Gb is maybe too many for the O.S., but I tend to install a huge amount of stuff and sometimes when writing big file you need space in tmp.

So far it works for me.

With my new (3 years old…) laptop I have this figures:


18.4 Gb for the root (/)

4 Gb for the swap

87.7 Gb for the /home

La guerra di Cementland — il consumo di territorio

La classica soluzione dell’edilizia per far ripartire l’economia è una gran balla. Viene consumato territorio (in maniera irrecuperabile) per ottenere il nulla. Soltanto per ingrassare i classici cementificatori.

In questo post di Carlo Bertani un’ottima descrizione della situazione.

[via Crisis]

Check out Gnome Activity Journal

It rocks!

(and it does really help if you have my memory)

Tracker 0.7+ looks good

It’s a long time I don’t speak about tracker but the project is not idle!

A lot of new thing is going on and the 0.7+ series looks pretty slick. It’s not packaged for ubuntu yet, but you can compile it from the source.

A very nice Xmas gift will be to write a plugin for referencer to use Tracker as the engine system!

Any takers? 😉

I’m shiny and white. That’s all

In ubuntu to install all the reqs for neuronvisio you have to type:

sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-gtk2 python-visual python-matplotlib

and you ready to go. On the other systems, like Mac or windows you have to run for every package by yourself, making your life more complicated.

This is a fact. November 2009.

The foot in the brain

It seems that I’m not the only one dealing with neurons in the GNOME Community. Well I mean, I never thought I was the only one, but I also didn’t expect to find a blog post on the gnome planet about the first publication.

Let me just say well done 🙂

GitHub issue tracker is so sweet

What will you say if I tell you you can close an issue on github with just your commit message?

It’s just well done.
Check it out:

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