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Curfew ciao

Technically there is a curfew issued at the moment in egypt.

This, however is the idea of the Egyptian people.

Curfew not respected Egypt

Curfew not respected Egypt

They took down the internet, they’ve called the army, they made the police to shout, however they didn’t stop them and their are becoming more and more.
Live English stream from Al Jazeera here
Go Egypt Go!

The other way

I’m still amazed by the subs of the Phosphorus with Arsenic as found out and report in Science here

So life can have a completely different way for working… It’s also true that the Arsenic sits just under the Phosphorus, so it share a lot of chemical property, but still is the first time we have an example of something living without Phosphorus. Some questions just right off the bat:

  • What’s going on with the Adenosin Three Phosphate (main energy molecule in all cells)?
  • Is that thing using an ATA (Adenosin Three Arsenate) ?
  • Is that stable/does it even exist?
  • Which are the pathways? All the kinase/phosphatase system is just working with ATA? I guess we need to change the phosphatase names if that is the case..
  • Which kind of evolution?
  • Where is on the phylogenetic tree?
  • Is it on the phylogenetic tree?

Time to read the paper.

One regret

The only thing I’m really missing right now, it’s not to be in Italy to actual join the manifestation going on in the country against the infamous reform ‘Gelmini’ which is a disastrous choice for the Public school and Italian University.

Anyway I’m supporting, from here. For now.