I’m still amazed by the subs of the Phosphorus with Arsenic as found out and report in Science here

So life can have a completely different way for working… It’s also true that the Arsenic sits just under the Phosphorus, so it share a lot of chemical property, but still is the first time we have an example of something living without Phosphorus. Some questions just right off the bat:

  • What’s going on with the Adenosin Three Phosphate (main energy molecule in all cells)?
  • Is that thing using an ATA (Adenosin Three Arsenate) ?
  • Is that stable/does it even exist?
  • Which are the pathways? All the kinase/phosphatase system is just working with ATA? I guess we need to change the phosphatase names if that is the case..
  • Which kind of evolution?
  • Where is on the phylogenetic tree?
  • Is it on the phylogenetic tree?

Time to read the paper.