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2017 is prime, which is kinda of cool

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Picture taken from the top of the Asinelli’s tower in Bologna, on a short two days visit when we went back in Italy for Xmas

So I was really waiting on the classic Annual Review which wordpress was sending out every year to write a bit about 2016 (for example this is the one about 2015), but instead this year nothing arrived in my mailbox.

Digging into the problem it seems that WordPress (the company behind it, technically speaking) was actually building these reports by hand, and therefore it was extremely resource intensive process. You can find more info on this thread. The gist is, it was too costly, so they decided to not do it this year, and maybe restart with a more automated system next year. I guess a big thank you is in order for the other annual reviews that were available in the past, then.

But fear not! I decided to look at the stats myself, and while the virtual fireworks will not be available, we can still have a look at my 2016 posting activity. I’ve published a whooping 5 posts in 2016. To be honest I thought I had published fewer posts. It was a good surprise. They have a peculiar distribution: we have 2 in January, 1 in February, 1 in March and 1 in December. I guess there are several factors that have concurred to this kind of pattern, most importantly that I’ve got busy in the middle of the year, I guess with work and with my wedding as well :D. This blog had 46,223 Views and 37,954 Visitors in 2016. Pretty happy with these numbers TBH, given that is a super niche blog talking about very sparse array of arguments that interest me somehow, so readers never know what they are gonna find here.

Interestingly two posts written in 2016 got quite a little bit of traction, in particular one about my Apollo laptop, and another one on how to run Webex on Linux. In details, we had 7,825 Visits for the Webex one, and 1,930 for the Apollo post. So far, my best post is What do I do when my Pull Request does not merge automatically in master? with 17,025 Visits, sporting 10,000 more visits than the best 2016 post.

The bar Cart post didn’t do too bad, with its honest 23 Visits :P. Given that it was published on the 5th of December, it had less time to build up so it is kind of expected. I’m confident it will in time, maybe.

Well then, this was just a quick home-made annual review for 2016, let’s see what is gonna happen in 2017. Once again, Happy New Year!

2015 in review


Happy New Year!

New Eve Years is upon us once more, and this is a good time to do the classic yearly review.

First of all this is a success story. Last year I’ve decided to write more, and I’ve actually managed to do it. We went from one post only in 2014 to a grand total of 19 posts this year. Not bad at all.

A very quick round down of the stats: my classic workhorse, the pull request rescue post is still going strong and it is the point of entry from google to this blog. This year a new entry has come along: speed up list intersection in python.  It proved to be quite  popular and it is standing its ground even if it is quite new. A lot of other posts this year have been relatively popular, like moving the blog to dokku and some dokku advise as well.

Lots of things have happened, both in my personal and work life. It’s a great time of changing, and new adventures are going to start very soon. As usual this blog will remain mostly about scientific and work related subjects, but I expect to write more about bioinformatics and docker in the future.

Last but not least, this is the generated annual report for the 2015.

2016 is looking very exciting, dense and very packed. I hope I can still write the odd post, but as usual we will see next year.

In the mean time, Happy New Year!

P.S.: Yep , Santa Claus and the snow will go away after the holiday, do not panic.