At the BioSysBio Conference which I have attended in London this April there was a lot of things going on. An interesting bit was the workshop on Openscience notebook, on which I am really interested and thrilled. I’ve touched this subject in the past, however I will blog about this later on.

At the social dinner there was an exhibition from some artists and designers from the London Royal College of Art.

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That’s how I knew Tommaso and we started to speak about it. I gave my “scientific” point of view, mainly answering what is possible now, what will be possible in future and what, according to the accepted paradigma and the availability of informations is not possible at all.

The topic was trying to think about new concept ideas grounding them on a scientific point of view.

To be honest I always saw this kind of contamination between the two realities with a lot of interest.

I am quite convinced that a scientist discovers something not when he/she is in the lab, but when he/she is outside the lab. Of course the ability to test the idea and grounding it on the science bases with model,measures and a theory happens in the lab and research work, but the original concept, the main idea is a sum of some different stimuli coming from different sources where art play a really big part.

These projects seems to demonstrate that also the other way is possible and science can influence art and design in a really intriguing and prolific way.

Maybe the difference between humanistic subjects and scientific subjects is only a matter of language and convention, and the holy war that usually it’s on between this two fields it’s just a matter of misunderstanding.

It’s time to move foward and trying to rethink the association between the two fields. Also from a teaching point of view.