RessearchGate, the scientific facebook?

The social networks is new direction of the web. Different kind of social networks create different kind of possible relationship. For example the network that I have on facebook has a small overlap with the network that I have in linkedin.

An email suggestion pointed me to a new kind of social network called researchgate.

Research gate logo

Research gate logo

for my usage this will hold the network that I have in linkedin, but as for all the social network, it has to grow to become a meaningful resource.

On the technical side I saw that it’s possible to import your library but right now the format accepted is only XML. I hope they are going to implement also the support for a BibTeX import, so I can test the semantic engine and take a look to the papers it’s proposing.


  1. Interesting!!!
    I have used the various connotea/citeulike/myExperiment/etc.,, and I will have a look at this one.
    However, I deleted my account on facebook some time ago and I won’t never use it again 🙂

    p.s. there is an extra ‘l’ in the link you posted, at the end.

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