Say hello to NeuronVisio

Today I released the first public release 0.1.0 of NeuronVisio.

NeuronVisio is a GTK2 user interface for NEURON simulator.

NeuronVisio connects with NEURON using the new python NEURON interface.

  • 3D visualization of the model with the possibility to change it runtime
  • Creation of vectors to record any variable present in the section
  • Pylab integration to plot directly the result of the simulation
  • Explore of the timecourse of any variable among time using a color coded scale in the 3d representation
  • the GUI runs in its own thread so it’s possible to use the console to modify/interact with the model.

pyramidal neuron model

The code is on github (which I discover create automatically a tarball for you when you tag the package… sweet 🙂 )

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  1. Congratulations!!
    I don’t know about the topic, but I will forward it to a friend of mine working on neuroscience.

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