Today I released Neuronvisio 0.4.4 .

This release fix quite a lot of the doc and change the API to load the sqlite database. There are a lot of changes under the hood.

There is a lot of work going on on the plotting, and if you are interested to have a modularity (so you can plot anykind of variables and integrate is with Neuronvisio just let me know.

Have a look at the plot_vector() method in the Control class

I think it will be possible to refactor the code, creating a Plotter obj where the x and y are for the plot and how to create the legend. Then just pass this object to the plot routine, which will have no idea what is plotting, but is able to extract this info from the plot obj. This need a bit of thinking and use cases
What’s next:

There is an ongoing process to integrate Neuronvisio with sumatra. Sumatra is very handy software however it supports only hg and subversion for now, while I’m really based on git. For this reason there is a patch sent to Andrew to start to work on this. Hopefully Sumatra will support git soon and then I will start to see how to integrate that on Neuronvisio and TimeScale.
One problem I need to solve is how to save the geomtery of the model when I save the results of a simulation.

Using the NEURON ability to export the model in NeuroML and to reload it would be the way to go, but more investigation on this are required.

In the mean time..

.. enjoy Neuronvisio