Terna, the Italian Transmission and System Operator, has joined the Desertec project. I got known the DESERTEC project some years ago and I was really excited about it for two reasons:

  • the possibility to harvest a great amount of energy from the sun, in a more efficient way than the photovoltaic1
  • enhance the collaboration within the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the European Union, where the south countries, like Italy, Greece, France and Spain have to play a really particular and important role.

In my idea Italy should lead this effort, given the geographical position. To achieve that we need to create a culture that is able to integrate with the other, in a way of respect, with the possibility to be free to like or dislike.

One interesting initiative on this line was the Adriatic Festival, happened in Ancona.

1 The photovoltaic panel are the right solution for roofs, however under a certain latitude the concentrated solar power should be preferred due to the better performance per land unit use, the buffer ability and the bigger output.