Day: October 25, 2010

How to use ecell from an ipython console with pylab

If you use Ecell simulator sometimes it’s handy to have a way to use it inside an ipython/pylab session to quickly test some features and try some small thing.

For this reason I’ve created a class called quickEcell which takes care to initialize ecell simulator, create the ses object and offer a qcuik way to create loggers and plot the variable.

Below is the minimal to run a model and plot it. All the code is on

[code]"""Demo method. This should be the skeleton of your simulation"""

qE = QuickEcell(‘simple_ecell_mod.eml’)
variables = [‘S’, ‘P’]
loggers = qE.create_loggers(variables)
qE.run_and_plot(1000, variables, loggers)
plt.title("Test for Michaelis-Menten")[/code]

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