Fixing a bug. The power of opensource


If you used gnome 2.30 and used two screen, cloning the smaller in the bigger one,  you were annoyed by this bug. At least I was really annoyed. Nothing too bad, just the image was not drawn correctly. In my case was drawn twice at different resolution, one on top of the other. However this was a regression from gnome 2.28 where this was not present. The bug was up for a long time and was also reported upstream at gnome side.

I did some research on it and I had nailed down where was the problematic code, however I was unable to propose the solution because C is no my cup of tea.

Yesterday Florent proposed a fix which was tested by Thomas, which was kind enough to give the instruction how to recompile the package, making a deb out of it and install it. Therefore I just give it a try. Finally, I have the desktop fixed!!

The patch it’s already on the gnome bugzilla and everyone will get this back as it supposed to be.

The thing that I want to underline is the anarchic collaboration:

  • somebody open the bug,
  • other people reported it and the bug was confirmed
  • somebody else found which part of code was interest
  • somebody proposed the solution
  • other people tested on different system

This is the beauty of opensource. Just give an hand if you can and enjoy it.

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  1. Hello! some time ago we published a paper describing how to report annotation errors to databases, and how much this process can learn from errors are handled in the opensource community. The fact is that I have been working on the annotation of a pathway for a good while and I have been in the situation of reporting errors to many databases. If you want to have a look at the paper, here it is a link , and I have also published something in my blog (a description, and a slideshow )

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