uncharted territory

uncharted territory


This blog exists from quite a while: the archive go all the way back to 2006, and it has been written in two languages, Italian and English, with the decision to stick to English from 15 July 2011.

Untill now it was hosted at wordpress.com, for a while under a normal wordpress domain, and lately under a custom domain.

It’s from a bunch of days that I have moved the blog to a new location, being hosted on a digital ocean droplet using dokku. In an upcoming post, I will write an how-to about how to do it. This was gave me the opportunity to make some modifications and start to update/change few things.

For example, the astute reader maybe has already noted that the blog is now sporting a fancy new theme and that all the comments are now powered by Disqus. The old comments have been imported and I hope this will suit people as well. Disqus is easier and better than the messy wordpress comments.

When it was running on wordpress.com, some google ads were shown automatically by worpress.com. To remove them, a user should have paid additional money. I never did it.

I think, now that I’m self-hosting, I may run some google ads and some amazon affiliate program myself, but I still did not make my mind up.

On one hand I’m interested to test them, to familiarize with some new technologies that I did not use so far, on the other hand I’m running an AdBlock software all the time, so I would be oblivious to this ads, as I guess the 80% of the readers that do show up here, which tend to be extremely technical and looking for answer.

More than Google ads, I think the interesting bit would be Amazon affiliate, given the fact I tend to do review of technology gadget or book quite a lot, but I do not really write about it. I guess time will tell.

As usual, expect all kind of topics, and maybe a bit more frequently.

Comments are open, as usual.