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Dawn of a new day

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Since my old post regarding the smart plants with Arduino and the Rasperry Pi experiment some things have changed, and I think it would be good to write about it.

First of all we have moved country! We left London and the UK, being part of the secret Brexodus tribe which does not get talked about it too much by the media, and we moved to Ancona in Italy. If you wondering, the Brexodus tribe is all the people that decided to leave Brexit land for safer/better places; given the fair amount of people, usually with diverse jobs and across the board, we have renamed this internally the Brexodus, the Exodus from Brexit. We do not of course know each other (unless in a very small amount of groups, but this is a clear phenomenon which will become more clear going forward).

Several reasons did contribute to this decision. We literally moved just before the “original” Brexit deadline was supposed to arrive (the 29th of March), and we actually took off for good on the 21st of March, landing in Italy the same day (of course :)).

We could have gone for settled status in UK maybe, but you never know with the UK Home Office and the UK Government what they will do. To be fairly honest we never really investigated too much what we had to do. We didn’t feel like London was anymore the best place to live. More over our rights have been stripped away in one night via a referendum on which we couldn’t even vote, and which has basically changed everything. Therefore why waste time on that?

Honestly, given the latest news, I have no idea what the UK will do. However we know what Earth will do 😀


When I started this post, I wanted to write about three things not really related:

  1. the move, which I wrote above
  2. some changes on the ads shown here, which made me think about the move
  3. some robotics news I’ve read today that I found interesting (related to the last blog post I wrote, that’s why they pop up)

So here we go with the last two.

Regarding the ads, I used to have an AdSense ad on the sidebar. I’ve set it up long time ago, and if you are interested why, I’ve written in this very old post. Changing country I had to close it down, and I do not feel it would make sense to bring it back, therefore, from today, the Sidebar does not show ads anymore. Given that I run the blog myself on a dedicated server, no more ads on this pages will be shown for the time being.

On the robotics side, as I have written before on the plants post, I’m looking into building an automatic robots for agriculture with wheels, and I’m interested in ROS2 development to do that part. Today I’ve discovered that Acutronics has closed down. I was really interested by the work they were doing, and the arm that they have developed was ROS2 compatible. It seems they did not manage to get enough funding to go ahead. A pity, they were doing a really great job.

That’s all for now.
Have fun!