Skype and Ubuntu 8.10

If you wondering why Skype is not anymore working with your new shiny Intrepid Ibex 8.10 you’re not alone.

It seems pulseaudio is somehow responsible for this bad behaviour. To bring back everything to the normal situation:

killall pulseaudio
sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio ubuntu-desktop

This should solve the problem. It worked here at least. 🙂

Update: I found out that only the command
killall pulseaudio
is enough.
After that you have to launch skype and it should work.

The annoying bit is that you required to do that every time you want to use skype…


  1. thanx it worked for me. you are awesome

  2. Thanks in like flint….

  3. easy way to do it. worked for me perfectly. keep up the good work mate

  4. The voice call didn’t work at me 🙁 It says: “Problem with Audio playback”. Where can i write in that command, “killall pulseaudio”?

  5. @ Anders:
    in the terminal (gnome-terminal or konsole)

  6. How about installing the driver for skype? i cant use my logitech quickcam go with it. =(

  7. thank you for the tipp
    now everything works
    I searched really a lot and it was so easy now

  8. I cant believe this worked! I was about to give up on this. I’d tried every hack i’d found on the web and none worked. This did. Shame you have to kill the processes everytime. Hopefully we’ll see a permanent fix soon.

  9. works perfectly,
    i was really disappointed, tried every possible combination with no luck but this one is helpful, useful and easy!..
    thank u so much

  10. sorry for double post, but it seems i have problem with this tip,,, skype works grat except sometimes i hear only from one speaker(either right or left), other media files play well,,

  11. Hi! (Error: Dependency not satisfiable: libqt4-core)
    Can some one please explain in detail how I could fix this above problem on installations of Skype on to Ubuntu 8.10.
    I’m sort of new to Linux Ubuntu, not too sure how to use those commands / options as stated and recommended above.
    Would really appreciate a detail explanation. Thanks.

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