Nemo and tracker. To find stuff. Really

I’m always managing a lot of files on my computer and especially I always download a lot of new scientific papers.
I use referencer to manage my collections and i save the paper using the first name of the author and the year.

However I never remember the name of the author, but I only remember when I hit that paper and saved. So here where Nemo comes handy.

Nemo “is a cross between a calendar and a file browser with labels.” The index of your file is done using tracker as back end so you don’t need to install anything else on your linux box.

Here the screenshot to give you a better understanding

Nemo Screenshot

Nemo Screenshot

So I just have to select PDF and look what I have saved yesterday and “et voil” I found the stuff I was looking for.

If I select all the files of course it will find all the files.

Nemo All the files

Nemo All the files

Note the first screenshot that I made few minutes ago it’s already indexed by tracker and displayed by nemo.

Of course this will not replace the Nautilus o tracker GUI search, but it has its own ecological niche of use.


  1. I remember when you first posted about nemo on this blog, and I have been using this program recently, as I find it is a very good idea.

    The problem is that the program itself doesn’t seem to be very well developed… Look at their home page, they don’t even have a bug tracker (so I don’t know where to post bugs), and many other things.

    Personally, I have liked very much this talk linked in a old post on pollycoke:

    I would also like to have something like that in my desktop, or in a plasmoid widget when I will start using KDE 4.

  2. Well actually it’s working quite well on my system and it’s doing is job.

    The source is here on the GNOME svn
    The Bug Tracking system is on the GNOME bugzilla

  3. Glad to know that nemo has a bug tracker: I remember I had some bugs to report, but now I can’t recall what they were.
    Anyway, note that even the nemo’s svn doesn’t seem to be too much active: the last change to the code is dated 4 months ago, and now there are only some additions to the localization.
    So, I don’t understand if nemo is still under development, if the concept has been moved to some other new application, and if there it will be something similar for kde 4.
    Do you know anything about mono programming? Maybe we can propose to contribute to it 🙂

  4. Well I don’t know anything about mono programming. 🙂

    I’m not aware of any new application that is taken this idea….

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