Est-ce que tu parles Franšais ?


Did you get it? Well if you speak French yes, otherwise it reads like “Do you speak French?”… Ok, big disclaimer, I don’t (yet) speak French! Please don’t reply in French, otherwise I’ll have either to harass my French labmates, or become a very close friend with Google translate.

My Citizenship is Italian, but first of all I feel European. Now, what a European citizen should do to make Europe a better connected place and more integrated?

I think, first is to understand each other. An more strong European idea among her citizen would be a good idea, and although these are tough times, I think its worth to re-raise, and try to re-state that is what we want (or at least, I want) as european citizen.

But “every big journey start with a single step”, and I embrace the “think global, act local” (put any other relevant favourite quote here), therefore I have decided to learn French.

Why? Well as I said it’s all about better understand each other and it’s time to give a little help and do something on this side.

Obviously everybody should start with what is possible for him/her. Consequently, for me, would be to try to learn a new European language, to increase the number of people which I could natively talk to, and understand better one more culture as well.

We really need to approach Europe as whole resource, using the strength of different cultures as resources and minimise the weaknesses.

First step is knowledge.

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  1. je parle francais bien

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