Ikea paint brush

This blog started as an experiment in 2006. A lot of different contents, spawning from politics to environmental, to campaign, to tips and all the other things I thought/wanted to write are here. Now, I’ve decided it was time to change.

First, and my ‘affecionados’ reader would have notice, the visually appearance has been changed, using a new theme Matala. It was made available today also for the worpress.com hosted blog, I saw it, I liked and I’ve switched to it.

This was the old theme


old theme

Second change, I’ve decided to write from now on only in English on this blog. You can find all the Italian posts still hosted here using the category ‘Italian’ and only the English with ‘English’, however in the future only English will be used. This is to give the possibility to the people that follows to have a consistent feed, in one language only.

However, I like to write also in italian, and sometimes the topics apply only to italian speaking community, therefore I removed the dust from an old blog started even before this one, called Alago-Rets, where I will write exclusively in Italian. That one is a collaborative blog, so you will find my posts, but also posts from other authors.

The return to writing there was explained in this post (in italian).

BTW, thanks for stumbling upon these pages. Comments are open, as usual, if you have any