TiddlyWiki mandatory plugins

So if you are using tiddlywiki you know everything, if you don’t you maybe want to take a look to it.

What is tiddlywiki good for?

For me is good as an advanced lab book. Yes an electronic labbook. All my biology friends have a really good fashion old school labbook, but I’m not too much into paper and I keep forgetting things.

More over is really a pain to search on the paper… I have different thoughts and ideas that are completely disconnected and only at the end they make sense (sometimes…)

So here the User Case:

  • Able to write any piece of text/idea quickly in a not complicated way
  • Able to tag it in a flexible way and give it an automatic datestamp
  • Able to have this tool always available.

If you recognize this, you want to give a try.

Now I want to suggest you two plugins (I started to write this post because the second one was really hard to find again, so I will put the right link here. I don’t think google is going to care too much about this blog, but anyway it could help a bit)

First of the latex plugin (if you don’t know what is LaTeX … well I’m sorry..)

The second one is the listTaggedTiddlers

Give it a go.. It’s really cool.


  1. Sir, sorry I have a question…….basically I need to save webpages in my hardrive and later see/annotate/highlight them as well as navigate (folders/subfolders tree interface) . Canaware netnotes looked like the right solution, but infortunately it has a closed codifed library integrated with FF/IE (I only use Chrome). Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

  2. I’m not familiar with Canaware, so I can’t compare the two.
    If you need a wiki, which runs directly from your hardrive, without installing any database then Tiddlywiki could be a solution. Foledrs are not permitted, but you can organize your work with tags, which gives a lot of freedom from that point of view.


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